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Situated at the intersection of technology and finance, our practice applies careful analysis to complex issues.

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IP Damages

How can I prove lost profits or reasonable royalty damages?

We are experts at working with case-specific licensing, valuation, and technology facts to evaluate damages relating to intellectual property. Our clients range from individual inventors to leading companies and include both patent holders and accused infringers.

IP Valuation & Licensing

How should I monetize my patent portfolio?

Analyzing the value of a technology requires an understanding of its potential, the industry, and related economics. We provide valuations and strategic advisory services for licensing, deals, and financial reporting.

ITC Matters

How do I quantify domestic industry investments?

Matters brought before the International Trade Commission involve precision and perspective.  We consider the factors that drive economic value and tailor our analyses to the market realities of a particular product.

Commercial Litigation

What measures of damages are appropriate?

Financial issues in commercial disputes are rarely clear-cut. We assess a complicated web of case-specific facts, details, and case law to produce analyses that are strategic and to the point.

Bankruptcy Litigation and Related Valuation Disputes

How does the presence of significant intangible assets affect the Bankruptcy process?

We have experience in a variety of matters assisting clients and their counsel in evaluating options for monetizing intellectual properties held by troubled or bankrupt entities. Some of these assignments include: 1) work on behalf of the debtor to identify valuable intangibles, determine their value, and assist, where possible, with a subsequent sale; 2) evaluating the solvency of a debtor considering fair market values of intangibles; and 3) other bankruptcy related analysis such as preference and investigative accounting assistance. Of note, is our firm’s role in the Nortel Bankruptcy in which we valued intangible assets and contracts rights in the allocation of $7.5 Billion among former Nortel operating entities and creditors.

Business Valuation

What is my equity interest worth?

Valuing interests in business enterprises is part art, part science.  Combining our expertise with an understanding of business and industry drivers, we deliver objective valuations for a variety of purposes, including litigations, transaction advisory, fairness opinions, and financial reporting.  We have expertise in valuing equity interests in technology-driven businesses with complex capital structures.


Do the terms of a settlement constitute an anticompetitive payment?

An evaluation of allegedly anticompetitive transactions requires financial and valuation expertise, an understanding of industry dynamics, and a grounding in the relevant case law.  We provide expert opinions on valuation and transactional issues as part of complex antitrust proceedings, such as pay-for-delay and product hopping allegations in the pharmaceutical industry.


We assist our clients at all stages and phases, from strategic planning to negotiations to trial proceedings.  Our work has taken us to board rooms, arbitrations, and state and federal courtrooms across the country.


Our engagements span a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, medical devices, telecommunications, computer software, consumer electronics, and manufacturing, among others.

Our Professionals

Our Professionals

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