Our Principals


Paula Alvary

D: 617.209.5103

Paula Alvary is a founding Principal of Hoffman Alvary.  She has been advising law firms on strategic and management issues for nearly thirty years.  Her clients have included most of the AmLaw 100 and 200 firms across the US as well as UK and European firms. more>


Brian Dies

D: 617.209.5110

Brian Dies is a Principal with Hoffman Alvary and has been with the Firm since it was founded in 1996.  His practice is focused on engagements in the Dispute Analysis and Business Valuation areas.  He also has significant management consulting experience in the Law Firm Consulting practice at Hoffman Alvary.  more>


Scott Golin

D: 617.209.5114

Scott Golin is a Principal in the Law Firm Consulting Practice of Hoffman Alvary.  He has spent more than ten years at the firm working with regional and national law firms on financial, strategic and management consulting engagements. These projects include: more>


Philip Green

D: 617.209.5106

Philip Green is one of the four founding Principals of Hoffman Alvary. For over twenty years, his practice has focused on intellectual property, valuation and business consulting areas. He has testified in trials in state and federal courts and at arbitration proceedings on over 30 occasions throughout the country. more>


Creighton Hoffman

D: 617.209.5100

Creighton ("Corky") Hoffman, a founder of Hoffman Alvary, has focused his practice in the area of intellectual property for much of the past twenty years. This has included license negotiations, valuation of intellectual property portfolios and businesses with large intangible assets, dispute mediation and expert testimony in litigations involving intellectual property. more>


Cara Rhodes

D: 617.209.5108

Cara Rhodes is one of the four founding Principals of Hoffman Alvary. She has been advising law firms on strategic, management and financial issues for twenty years. Her clients include international, national and regional firms from across the country. more>


Joel Wacek

D: 617.209.5117

Joel Wacek is a Principal of Hoffman Alvary.  His practice focuses on financial and economic analysis for intellectual property disputes, licensing and business valuation matters.  Mr. Wacek has a decade of experience in computing damages in intellectual property infringement matters, as well as providing financial analysis related to breach of... more>