Business Consulting

We also provide a variety of other consulting services. These typically focus on accounting and finance issues confronted by businesses or their counsel.  

Some examples of these services include:

  • Accounting Investigation - Analysis for the Securities and Exchange Commission of a fraudulent investment fund. This involved preparing monthly financial statements from original brokerage and bank statements and calculating actual returns earned by the fund.
  • Environmental claim - Investigated accounting and management practices of certain local utilities from the 1870's through the 1930's. The purpose was to determine the degree of control exerted by a major investor, as set forth in CERCLA. This involved a review of all available original books and records.
  • Fraudulent investment fund - Determined the amount due from investors who had been overpaid by withdrawing funds from a fraudulent investment vehicle.
  • Compensation claim - Testified on the operations of an accounting department in connection with an employee's claim for overtime compensation.
  • Trading losses - Calculated trading losses resulting from an alleged delay by a bank to deposit funds from brokerage trades.
  • Victim's Compensation Fund - Determined and presented the fair amount due family of a NYC fire department captain who perished at the World Trade Center.
  • Real estate partnership - Investigated accounting for limited partners to determine amounts improperly used by a general partner in other businesses.
  • Professional malpractice - Determined damages related to claims of professional malpractice.