Law Firm Consulting

The Law Firm Consulting practice provides a broad range of strategic and management consulting services to law firms prominent nationally and in their local markets.  We bring to our clients a twenty-five year focus on law firm management and an in-depth knowledge of management choices and the consequent outcomes.

Our Clients

Our client base includes half of the AmLaw 100 and AmLaw 200 as well as many prominent smaller firms who specialize and excel in specific niches and those who are top performers in their local and regional markets. 

We have a particular expertise with intellectual property firms.  We understand the unique operational and managerial challenges faced by IP firms and most of the major IP firms in the U.S. are existing clients.

Our Practice

Our consulting work focuses on the major topics Executive Committees, Chairmen and Managing Partners need to address.  These topics often include:

Years of advising law firms on complicated and contentious issues have given us clear insights into what works, what is likely to have unintended outcomes and how best to frame complicated issues for discussion and action among the partners.

Our Discretion

We pride ourselves on earning our clients' trust through our discretion with their confidential information and situations.  We are rarely mentioned in the trade press. Even though we have inside knowledge on many of the largest news stories of the day, we simply do not share our clients' private information.