Law Firm Survey




This economic climate is affecting every law firm. But what about your firm? Are you faring better or worse than your peers? How do your billing rates compare? Is your compensation competitive? Are your lawyers busy? Most importantly, are your earnings per partner on par with your peers?

The Hoffman Alvary Survey takes the guesswork out of these questions and more. Now in its twenty-third year, the confidential Hoffman Alvary Survey on Law Firm Economics is a full-featured report on the business factors that currently affect law firms like yours. It gives you the detailed information you need to effectively manage a sophisticated firm in today's environment. With 5 years of trend information backed by 23 years of historical data, the report compares your firm to peers across a number of key criteria - earnings level, size, region, practice area, billings and more.

The participation rate is strong in major markets, and more than half of the largest firms in the country have participated. Last year over 70 firms participated with 80% having taken part in the Survey for at least five years. 

There is specialized reporting for IP boutiques. Many of the largest IP firms in the United States participated last year.

For more information please contact Cara Rhodes, Scott Golin or Samantha Ravech.