Other Professional Malpractice

Hoffman Alvary has been retained to evaluate damages arising from malpractice claims against other professionals such as accountants, engineers and appraisers. 

Some of these assignments have included:

  • Auditor Malpractice – Our firm analyzed damages suffered by hedge fund investors because of the auditor’s failure to detect fraudulent pricing of closely-held portfolio companies.  These damages comprised overpayments that the hedge fund made to withdrawing investors due to the improperly priced assets. 
  • Auditor Malpractice – We assessed damages incurred by an entity that relied on inadequate disclosures in the audited financial statements of an acquired company.  The damages equaled the difference between the actual purchase price and the one that would have been paid, given complete disclosures.
  • Financial Advisor Misconduct – Hoffman Alvary valued damages suffered by the clients of a financial advisor who used client assets for his personal benefit.  This analysis evaluated the returns that would have been earned by the clients, had the funds been properly invested.