Valuation Disputes

We are often retained in connection with disputes involving valuation issues. This may include the quantification of lost business values due to tortious interference, shareholder oppression, improper disclosures in connection with an acquisition or the dissolution of businesses and partnerships. 

  • Shareholder Oppression - The owners of a bankrupt long distance company asserted that delays in closing an acquisition of their company caused the value of their stock to decline. Our valuations demonstrated that the delay did not result in declines in the value of the company's stock.
  • Shareholder Oppression - Determined the fair value of a controlling interest in an investment company in connection with a freeze out of its former majority shareholder.
  • Partnership Dissolution - Analyzed the fair value of partner interests in a real estate limited partnership in connection with a disputed dissolution of the partnership. Focused on minority and liquidity discounts from the fair market value of the underlying real estate.
  • Tortious Interference - Evaluated damages allegedly caused by tortious interference with initial public offering of stock. Compared the fair market value of the stock prior to the IPO based on investor indications, discounted cash flow and market approaches with the offering price.
  • Tortious Interference - Determined the fair market value of a controlling interest in an advertising/public relations agency located in Eastern Europe, in which a competitor hired all of its employees.
  • Unjust Enrichment - Measured unjust enrichment from trade secret misappropriation by determining the fair market value of core internet operating technology obtained by the defendant.