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Hoffman Alvary & Company LLC is a financial and management consulting firm with over 25 years of experience providing exceptional professional services to law firms, their clients, and other institutions worldwide.  The firm’s specialized service offerings allow us to be involved in many of the largest and most influential engagements in our profession.


Our Intellectual Property & Commercial Litigation practices provide expert consulting services to companies and their counsel, educational institutions and not-for-profit entities, and individual inventors in a broad range of litigation and dispute engagements.  Our nationally recognized expertise in the valuation of intellectual property and other intangible assets positions our firm at the center of complex litigation, valuation, and licensing disputes related to these assets.  We have assessed the value of thousands of technologies and are known for our critical insights and solutions.  Our Principals have testified as expert witnesses on damages, valuation, and other financial issues in federal and state courts, in arbitration proceedings, and in investigations before the International Trade Commission.

Our Law Firm Consulting practice provides comprehensive strategic and management consulting services to law firms with national and international footprints as well as those considered leaders in local markets.  Our Law Firm Consulting Principals have in-depth knowledge of the challenges facing today’s law firm leaders and have been the primary advisors for many of the largest law firm mergers in the industry.

Our Principals and Consultants have deep experience in developing customized answers to the complex financial and strategic issues faced by our clients.  The firm's reputation is built on strategic thinking, efficiency, and discretion.

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