Hoffman Alvary has advised over 25 major law firms on reducing their unfunded partner retirement obligations.
Hoffman Alvary advised one or both parties in 60+ major law firm mergers.
Hoffman Alvary works for 2/3 of the largest IP practices in the U.S.
Hoffman Alvary has developed partner succession programs for 30 major law firms.
Hoffman Alvary has modified over 50 partner compensation systems in major law firms.
Nearly 80 AmLaw 100 and 200 firms participate in The Hoffman Alvary Survey on Law Firm Economics.
Hoffman Alvary has served as advisor to 64 of the AmLaw 100.
Principals in the IP and Valuations areas have testified as expert witnesses in over 60 trials.

Hoffman Alvary is a consulting firm providing independent advisory services to law firms, their clients and other institutions worldwide.  The firm's Principals focus in three main areas of practice.

Law Firm Consulting providing a broad range of strategic and management consulting services to law firms prominent nationally and in their local markets.  Hoffman Alvary brings years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the issues facing the managers of law firms in today's challenging environment.

Intellectual Property and Valuation Consulting assisting companies and their counsel in a broad range of areas including expert witness testimony, licensing matters, valuations and general consulting.

Our Professional Disputes practice provides services in connection with disputes involving professional services firms and issues related to legal and other malpractice claims.

Hoffman Alvary provides customized solutions to the complex financial and strategic issues faced by our clients.  The firm's reputation is built on our strategic thinking, efficiency, accuracy and discretion.




An article written by Joel Wacek discussing recent Federal Circuit decisions on reasonable royalty damages in patent infringement cases has been published in the Boston Patent Law Association's Summer 2016 Newsletter.  A direct link to the article is here